Our Relationship with Hilltop Securities (formerly Southwest Securities)









Every independent investment broker and financial advisor needs not only a "broker-dealer" but also a "clearing firm."

The role of a broker-dealer, such as Lombard Securities, is primarily:

  • Opening, approving and monitoring accounts.
  • Providing administrative support for branches.
  • Responding to any questions or inquiries from brokers and clients.

The role of a custodian-clearing firm, such as Hilltop Securities (formerly Southwest Securities), is primarily:

  • Executing and settling of all securities' transactions.
  • Preparing confirmations and statements.
  • Safekeeping, receipt and delivery of funds and securities.
  • Providing margin credit request and approval.
  • Providing a technology platform, including client’s portfolio reports.

As Lombard’s clearing partner, Hilltop Securities provides clearing and execution services as well as state-of-the-art back office technology. Hilltop has more than 35 years of experience providing services to more than two hundred “introducing broker-dealers,” such as Lombard Securities. Hilltop allows Lombard’s investment brokers direct access to its operational personnel and product experts as well as a dedicated relationship manager.

Thus, while Lombard Securities and Hilltop Securities work as partners to service accounts, each is independent of each other. Thanks to Lombard and Hilltop, Gary enjoys the freedom and flexibility to conduct business by focusing on which investments are the most suitable and appropriate for each client without regards to either sales quotas or proprietary products.